We are Jobfers, an international software company, located in Prague that designs IT solutions to clients world wide. We develop customized applications, manage clients' data and ensure system support. Our aim is to make the work of others easier, while continuously providing quality service based on knowledge and innovations. We help automatize business processes in companies, with emphasis on individual approach to each client. Our approach is a guarantee of efficient work, leading towards mutual satisfaction.

We are comprehensive within marketing, where we always create a functioning and efficient product. We are creative and able to add a witty idea into the project as well as assessing the target group. We follow the latest trends in design, according to which we build our out-coming quality and competitive products. The work, which we hand over to our clients, speaks for us. We also offer service and administration of your social networks, planning of creative campaigns and PPC campaigns for Google AdWords, Sklik and Bing.


We complement graphic design with professional high quality photographs, where we keep to the up to date trend, in which the main focus of graphics lays in images. These are able to convey the required emotions to the given project.


We have our own team that creates company videos, advertising spots or even dubbed presentations, including suggestions for creating the content. This is a supplement to the overall concept of marketing as such. One of the members of our team is the czech actor and dubbing professional Michal Holán, who graduated from the Czech State Conservatory in Prague. He debuted on TV as well as in movies in 2003, where he e.g. played in Kameňák, Crash Road, Vy nám taky, šéfe and in series such as Policie Modrava, Ordinace v růžové zahradě and Místo v životě.



We realize that our work does not end with handing over of our product. A happy customer is our fuel power that drives us forward. Our motto is: constant improvement. The long term goal of jobfers is to be a stable and trustworthy supplier in the field of IT, that provides clients an individual and professional approach in managing their requests and creating web and mobile applications while at the same time being a flexible company with a family atmosphere.



We develop web applications according to the needs of our client. We are one of those, who do not want to provide clients with solutions based on freely available templates.

We will create an original web or mobile application with an idea. In today's competitive world it is more than ever about details. In order to be successful, it is crucial to make one's work easier and faster.

We process internal systems facilitating logistics, employee management, invoicing, stock management etc. Do you for example manage your invoices via excel? We have a solution for you that records the invoices online. You therefore do not have to fear losing your data. You simply fill out a form and the invoicing system generates it into PDF format, which can immediately be sent by e-mail. Elegant, fast and practical.



We deal with the development of mobile application for Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone), Google Android. We create a customized application for iOS and Android combining your idea and our know-how. We provide advice on what makes good sense and has potential. During development we put emphasis on simplicity of the mobile application without unnecessary and complicated functions and with perfect satisfaction of the needs of our client and end user of the application. We ensure world wide availability and distribution of your application, including transfer of income from paid applications.



We have an individual approach to each new project. Consultating and development of mobile and web applications, including a fully customized marketing. We have our own team that creates commercials, videos and even dubbed presentations, including suggestions for creating the content.

We of course put emphasis on the individual requirements of our client and therefore a personal consultation before video and marketing plan creation goes without saying




The main goal of the IT system, was to increase the efficiency potential in the unreadable free job market at the time, in priority with regards to specialised work positions. Another goal was to increase efficiency of the work in the services delivered a secure a relevant employee for the required position in the needed time.

Together with this was linked the optimisation of the target client’s costs in the frame of HR targets’ definition, the negotiation of legal agenda and full digitalisation of processes from hiring, time attendance systems, processed reports to invoicing.

Project „MASTER VENDOR“ is relevant not just for collaboration in the form of temporarily added workforce, but also for the continuously opened positions and the hire of full time employees.





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